Heynen celebrates her sixtieth anniversary and her 50 years of Belgian activities.
And we are very proud of this!fr

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We would like to express our gratitude to you as a customer, supplier, employee or other involvement you may have with Heynen for reaching this milestone. Working with you has given us the possibility to reach this milestone. It is this cooperation that drives us. If it is up to us, then we would like to continue this operation for a very long time. In any case, we will remain who we are and we will be there for you.


In our existence we never had to give up our independence. Heynen is independent of its suppliers and of any financial institution whatsoever. This enables us to make our own choices. Choices that focus on the importance of the customer and therefore also for Heynen. Choices that ensure long term interests over the short term gains.

Sixty years stand for continuity

For sixty years we have been in contact with many great customers and suppliers. To find creative solutions in a wide variety of technical subjects. This is what drives us. And what we like to keep doing in times to come. This requires us to stay one step ahead of technological developments and developments in society as a whole. We have succeeded in doing this for sixty years now. It is the proof of our continuity and our guarantee for the future. Heynen was there sixty years ago, we are here today and we will be there for you in future times.

Heynen NV in Belgium celebrates 50 years as an independent branch

Currently, with the European Union, it is hard to imagine that it was not obvious for a Dutch citizen to start a trade company in Belgium in 1962. It even required a special permit from the Belgian Ministry of Small Enterprises; a statement of profession for foreigners. Below you can see Leon Heijnen's statement of profession for foreigners from that time. This statement authorized him to perform following 'profit generating professional activities': "Import and trade of electronic industrial measurement equipment and parts'.

And this does sound very familiar.


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Three generations
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