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Harsch Environment use the Ruggedized Connector Solutions from SteeRED

Harsch Environment use the Ruggedized Connector Solutions from SteeRED

SteeRed can offer almost any connection solution with can withstand the heaviest miitary environment. Cable assemblies can handle the standard IP67 with temperatures to 175 degrees Celsius. Connectors can hanlde 500 mating cycles, 5000 hour salt spray and numerous other requirements that you might need.

    Hercules Connector types

  • The connectors used by Steered are using Hercules connectors which can handle in size 23 44 differential pairs that can handle 10 Gps. If you compare this with a Quadrax 25 size shell with 16 differential pairs the speed is appr 2.75 lower the Hercules solution.

  • Capacity

  • The Hercules solution can handle a total of 145 contacts in a shell size 23. This is compared to 100 in a standard D38999 size 23. Looking at this in more detail your connection can handle 18 Ethernet Lanes, 44 differential pais and even an entire PCI Express-16X (82 contacts)

  • Connection

  • There is now a slution which can connect the Connector to a flex version to be able to connect direct to a PCB. A right angle connector is available for back-shell connection which reduces in connection space and reliability. The connection materials can be chosen like ROHS material, plating (e.g. gold over nickel) and

  • Main Advantages

    Harsch Environment
  • High 10 Ghz speed/differential pair
  • Fully customizable
  • Connector to PCB flex solution
  • High contact count