green investment


Heynen is getting greener

118 solar panels provide Heynen with 40.750 kWh per year

This month we have put solar panels system into use at our buildings in Heijen (NL) and Houthalen (BE).  Within the scope of Corporate Social Responsibility, it is important to choose for sustainable energy.  So, we also contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions.  Besides, it is a good thing that we are less dependent on fossil fuels.

But, we even go further than that. We also managed to reduce the energy consumption.  We have done so by applying LED and hf lighting in the offices, the lab and the warehouse of our premises in Heijen.  This reduces the energy consumption for lighting of the building with about 65 percent.  And with the energy we generate, the energy consumption for lighting is fully covered, meaning a reduction of 40 percent in our total energy consumption.  Heynen in Houthalen will follow this initiative shortly.

These expenses are economically a sensible choice.  The payback of the total project is approx. 7 years.  So, finally, it is also a considerable money-saver.  A sunny thought.

Heijen and Houthalen, August 2013