Facts & Figures

Office located in Heijen,  The Netherlands

Founded: October 1951
Market: The Netherlands
Company name: HEYNEN BV
KvK number: 12008495
VAT number: NL001683299B01


Rolf Heijnen, Chairman
Lennart Heijnen, CEO


Banks in The Netherlands:

Rabobank Nederland, Croeselaan 18, NL-3500 HG, Utrecht



Heynen BV - founded in 1951 bij Mr. Leon Heijnen - has been established as consulting firm and distributor for electronics throughout the Benelux countries (The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg).

The sales program concentrated on electronic test and measurement equipment and professional audio equipment for studio's. After a few years the program was expanded with electronic components and electronic systems.

Our branch office in Belgium has been established in 1962 and is located in Houthalen, a strategic location near Hasselt. The new and self-owned office building has a total floor space of 1400 square meters.


Product range:

  • Electronic test and measurement equipment from DC up to 60 GHz
  • Electronic systems and components
  • Telecom measurement equipment
  • Telecom equipment and services
  • Military test and measurement equipment
  • Active and passive components for DC up to RF and microwave
  • GSM-related products and services

Office located in Houthalen,  Belgium

First activity: November 15th 1962
Market: Belgium
Company name: HEYNEN NV
VAT number: BE0427465142


Lennart Heijnen, CEO
David Agresti, Managing Director


Banks in Belgium

KBC N.V., Rode Kruislaan 30/1, B3530 Houthalen



Office located in Luxembourg,  Luxembourg


 First activity: 2002  Market: GD Luxembourg
 Company name: HEYNEN GMBH
 VAT number:  LU19160678


Office Address Luxembourg:

29, Avenue Monterey, L-2163 Luxembourg, GD Luxembourg
Telephone: (+352) (0)
Telefax: (+352) (0)



Lennart Heijnen, CEO
Jos Jorissen, fondée de pouvoir


Banks in Luxembourg