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Electronic Loads


Accurate adjustable DC Loads for laboratories and industry
You are looking for a load that meets the requirements of today's high quality and modern concepts in laboratories and industrial users. You watch multi-purpose and of course at a good price-performance ratio.

  • EA EL3000 and EL9000 series of Elektro Automatik, Germany. With the advanced, microprocessor controlled Electronic Loads from the EL3000 and EL9000 series brings you a simple controllable load with many applications. Think of testing supplies. You can Load external programming with multiple interfaces. The loads are suitable for Constant current operation (CV), Constant voltage operation (CC), Constant Power Company (CP) and Constant resistance mode (CR). The standard used for system offers the possibility of remote Sense and Sharebus, a two quadrants application in combination with the power supply EA-PS9000, for the automatic testing of batteries. Several interfaces are available as an option, such as Ethernet, CAN bus and USB.

  • Main Advantages

  • Various interfaces
  • Simple operation
  • Excellent price-performance
  • Battery test mode with time and capacity display