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E-bicycles are extremely popular. Whether cutting back on carbon emissions or fuel costs, e-bicycles offer many green advantages with similar comforts of conventional bikes. Simple maneuverability and parking are particularly critical if your every day drive is to a congested city. While e-bicycles have been around since the late 1800’s, recent popularity, government regulations and the advent of new sensor technologies have fueled new improvements.

Decoupling and filtering of RF Signals and noise

The new V Series capacitors deliver increased broadband rejection in a significantly reduced footprint for bypass capacitor filtering networks.  Released under the DLI brand from Knowles Precision Devices, this cost-effective capacitor line is built on a compact 30 mil by 30 mil footprint.  This superior RF signal blocking design tool will solve the needs of design engineers looking to decouple RF signals from DC bias lines in active circuit designs, such as MMICs, or filter out noise from switching power supplies.


Read your sensing elements directly by using the Smartec UTI

The Universal Transducer Interface (UTI) is a complete analogue front end for low frequency measurement applications, based on a self-calibrating period-modulated oscillator. Sensing elements can be directly connected to the UTI without the need for extra electronics. Only a single reference element, of the same kind as the sensor, is required. The output is digital and can communicate with any type of micro-controller.

The UTI provides interfacing for all kind of resistive and capacitive sensors.

A position test at very limited space by using a probe

A position sensor system is the ideal solution for exact measurement and documentation of pin lengths, hole depths etc. This system can be used like a contact probe even in small centers. An integrated potentiometer allows the exact determination of the position of the DUT.

Real-Time and Reliable Viscosity Measurements wherever you are

You are a maintenance engineer and/or responsible for quality control and in your job you deal with oil, printing inks or any other kind of fluid. What matters to you is the monitoring of the condition of these fluids, especially its viscosity. You have several methods to measure the viscosity, but do these methods allow you to take action whenever it is needed? Or can they be set up in matter of minutes?

Need for ultra-miniature switches in you application?

Your application needs RF switching on you PCB but there is no space available.  Dow Key now has the possibility to reduce your switch to miniature level.

The switches are designed with an overall size of 0.75 x 0,75 x 0,56 Inch with a weight of 0,5 Ounces, power consumption of these switches is kept very low.

This brings the switches on your PCB for sattelite and space applications enabling you to go one step further in miniaturisation



Bird pocket-sized SiteHawk Antenna and Cable Analyzer

Bird has released a new version of their widely used antenna and cable tester the SK-4500.

The FDR (Frequency Domain Reflectometry) measurement method results in a highly reliable assessment of the health of critical components in your system; ultimately providing a “heads-up” before a failure occurs.

The device is an excellent help to do the end verification of a system upon delivery by generating a completet measurement wihich later during the service of the system can be used as a reference.

Fault location or DTF mode indicates VSWR or Return Loss levels at each point along the cable and antenna system length. This helps in debugging a failing system

Cable Loss function measures insertion loss of the cable system over a given frequency range.

An excellent help to your engineers in delivery, maintenance and repair. A low cost solution with excelllent performace in and outdoor.

Bird enabling field Spectrum Analysis for every field engineer

The SignalHawk™ SH-42S-TC is a new generation of Spectrum Analyzer that offers superb functionality in a small, very affordable package.  This highly portable unit fits easily in one hand and offers the user an amazing intuitive user interface.  Built upon an Android platform, users will find a high-resolution touch screen with familiar, easy to use, methods for setting up and using the spectrum analyzer.  Field engineers, technicians, wireless equipment manufacturers, service providers, contractors, tower erectors and military field personnel alike have come to trust the efficiency and precision results of SignalHawk.

DAS: THE solution for improved indoor coverage

You hold a responsibility in the operation of a facility or construction such as a large office building, hotel or stadium. You get reports that the indoor coverage of wireless signals such as GSM, LTE and/or those networks used for public safety (C2000/ASTRID) is poor. You need to improve the indoor coverage but cannot force the operators to put in additional capacity. Furthermore it is essential that you are flexible towards future networks that may arrive.

RF signal tapping-adaptor limiting your PCB layout?  SPINNER EasyLaunch!

You develop PCB's with RF components on them, and want to pickup millimeter wave signal(s) for troubleshooting purposes. SPINNER's EasyLaunch solution for tapping RF signals, eliminates PCB layout limitations and has excellent RF performance!

You Need a High Reliable RF Switch? Dow-Key's Reliant Switch™!

As an engineer performing system integrations in telecommunication and component manufacturing, you are faced with a range of challenges relating to the cost of test, and reliability over the test systems' life expectancy. A longer life expectancy will keep costs of replacing RF switches to a minimum.
Herewith greatly reducing downtime and improving overall testing efficiency. 

Broadband Network Operator? SPINNER Antenna Monitoring System!

As a broadband network operator, you need to rely on your systems to deliver content to your subscribers. Early or even premature failure detection is key in preventing downtime and or outage. Spinner’s AMS is engineered to detect flaws in broadcast transmission infrastructure, and alert you to the problem before the damage is done.

Space Grade RF, Coaxial And Waveguide Switches? Dow-Key!

Whenever you work with space grade RF, coaxial and waveguide switches, and need high reliability solutions that can withstand the severe environments space imposes on complex systems...Dow-Key is confident in providing these solutions with decades of experience and knowledge.

Integrated Light For Product Design, Function, Emotion And Branding? Mentor!

As a functional, but also as a design element, light enriches the design of various commodities. More and more design engineers, designers and product managers discover the potential of such integrated light components. They are a popular tool to strengthen brand identity, appeal to customers on an emotional level and to extend the functionality of devices. A specialist for LED based integrated lighting concepts in product designs is the company Mentor. 

High-End Test modules with connection solution based on elastomer and  gold wire

Verification and characterisation testing for small series is mostly related to high cost and lack's flexibility. For each device expensive test boards and adapters are needed. The Steered Goldwire/Elastomer interconnection technology gives you a solution which is easy to use and flexible. Test adapters can be made in 2-3 weeks time and for the enigineer the electrical influence is close to zero. The application area is board to board, flex to board, sensor or device to board, etc. The method is suitable for industrial, medical, military, T&M application especially in the prototyping and 0-series phase.


Harsch Environment use the Ruggedized Connector Solutions from SteeRED

SteeRed can offer almost any connection solution with can withstand the heaviest miitary environment. Cable assemblies can handle the standard IP67 with temperatures to 175 degrees Celsius. Connectors can hanlde 500 mating cycles, 5000 hour salt spray and numerous other requirements that you might need.

Quick delivery of a flexible modular connection for Compact PCI

Customers have a strong need for back-plane wiring which provides them flexibiliy, speed and reliability. Solutions are available for IEC 60603-2, IEC60917, VME/Compact PCI, Open VPX/VITA-46. There are standard modules available with MIL Spec hook-up wires, Parallel paired cables, 50 and 100 Ohm coax and a choice of training end terminations. You have a choice of popular wire types, length's en pin-outs. ALl sub-modules are 100% electrically tested. Ready to crete your custom interface cable.

SteeRed - Connecting wire to board with miniature RF Connectors

RF connectors are nowadays used in all type of applications. The antenna connections for wireless LAN Antenna's, Antenna connections in your smart phone. But also for the larger antenna connection e.g. in your Notebook, gaming device or access point. SteeRed can provide you with RFGEN1 to RFGEN4 connectors with a possible switching option. As an addition to this technology spring fingers and shield recepatables are available for connection of cans, boxes and plates.

Using data sheets correctly when selecting resistors

Reading Between the Lines.
Using data sheets correctly when selecting resistors.

When selecting a resistor for your application, there is more to bear in mind than you might think. In order to make a preliminary choice using a product data sheet, developers need certain background information and have to calculate some dimensions themselves. We herewith show how to correctly use a data sheet...

Feinmetall RJ, USB and HDMI contact probes for low-wear functional testing.

If your need of test- contacting interfaces is increasing, then Feinmetall test probes are your best solution! Not only in the field of in-circuit and functional testing of PCBs, USB, RJ or HDMI connections, but also applicable in central data communication interfaces in automobiles.


Deca Switchlab MWX901-400 and MWX901-800 microminiature connector for compact applications

When designing a compact LED application, microminiature SMT terminal blocks are the best space saving solution!

Deca Switchlab dedicated a lot of engineering time to create a high reliability mechanical solution in a flat design which resulted in a new series of very compact SMT terminal blocks with multiple purposes

A simple single pole spring clamp terminal block specifically for compact and low profile devices

When looking for a miniature connector for your compact and low profile device, the single pole spring clamp terminal blocks SM99 and SR99 offers you a flexible circuit board connection solution.

System Spectrum Tracing with Bird's Advanced Spectrum Logging

If you have interferring signals that cause a disruption of your system then the new advanced spectrum logging option can help you by recording the spectrum traces so that even when no one is watching you can record these traces.

You can record specific frequencies or any portion of the spectrum from 100kHz to 3.6 Ghz. You can playback these traces to analyze the interferences or other RF events and identify the type or strength of these signals. This option gives you the possibility to resolve many of the occuring RF problems

The ASL option is available as an extra to the Rack mounted Signalhawk Product.

How to Monitor your system health with Bird's Power Monitor

If you would like to monitor whether your communication system is up and running, Bird's Channel Power Monitor is capable of  continously give you information about the system components. It provides you with continuous information with regards to each component of your system that is accessible on any computer or tablet on the network or even the phone in your pocket.

Spinner 4.3-10 for next-generation mobile comms

Spinner has teamed up with other leading vendors to define the next generation connector system for the mobile communication industry

The new 4.3-10 connector system can be installed without tools, and is therefore available with screw, hand-screw and a push-pull coupling mechanism.

The 4.3-10 connector has a very compact design which allows equipment manufacturers to have a higher connector density on their devices with a performance up to 500W at 2 Ghz.

Spinner has developped a wide 4.3-10 portfolio  based on their high quality standards providing their customers with the best possible connectivity, optimized and failure free installation, even under the toughest environmental conditions 


Kaschke Components GmbH Power Factor Correction (PFC) Chokes

Excessive use of electricity and poor efficiencies are no longer accepted which drives you as an engineer toward greater use of power factor correction (PFC). This requires attention to the components employed for power factor correction, particularly the associated inductor.

Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors vs. Film Capacitors

The progress in semiconductor design sets the trend in current and future devices of power electronics: it manifests itself particularly in smaller dimensions, as well as in higher voltages and switching frequencies. Referring to intermediate circuit capacitors, this trend leads to aiming at higher energy densities and larger current loads, and – at the same time – decreasing space.

Under these conditions, especially aluminum electrolytic capacitors and plastic film capacitors offer advantageous solutions. Jianghai has both technologies in the production program and this article gives an overview on the major differences between aluminum electrolytic capacitors and film capacitors.

StandexMeder miniature high efficiency planar inductors and transformers

When designing a switching power supply or DC/DC converter and your willing to reach the best possible efficiency of your application, than it's most common to use a planar transformer instead of an equivalent wire wound transformer design. Standex-Meder manufactures planar transformers for these demanding applications and you can rely on decades of experience. When failure is not an option, designers of critical electronic components rely on the engineers of Standex-Meder and the local support of Heynen BV.

Comparative Performance between Thick Film and Electron Beam Welded Metal Band Resistor Technologies

When designing a DC/DC convertor or battery management system, you typically use a low ohmic current sense resitor to measure the performance of your application.
HTR adapted a new technology that makes you able to create a reliable and precise current measurement at a smaller size and with lower power consumption.

Jianghai electrolytic capacitors for vibrating applications

The use of electrolytic capacitors in vibrating applications like motor controllers or power tools, must be considered very carefully regarding specific criteria.
When you're designing electronic control applications or drives, you have to think about specifications like higher power and miniaturisation.
If you're designing vibrating applications however, you should not forget to think about vibration resistance and temperature!

Current and voltage measurement in and around hybrid and electric drives

No matter if you're designing a hybrid, electric or fuel cell powered application - a new development's sustainability always depends on the reliability in every-day use and therefore on controlling its energy flow and consumption permanently. Not every method for measuring current and voltage is able to fulfill each of the difficult requirements. Isabellenhütte has developed the current and voltage measuring module IVT for DC applications in alternative drive concepts based on its experience in the area of car battery management.



Bird Das

You hold a responsibility in the operation of a building or construction such as a large office building, hotel or stadium. And you get reports that the indoor coverage of wireless networks such as GSM, LTE and those networks used for public safety (C2000) is poor. You need to improve this indoor coverage but cannot make the network operators to put in additional capacity. And you want to be flexible towards the future for new networks that may arrive.

MPG solutions to your RF Filter Design

In 2014 Heynen has teamed up with the Microwave Product Group in Salesbury, Maryland, United States. Team players in this group are BSC-Filters, Dow-Key, K&L Microwave and Pole-Zero, four well-established companies in the RF industry.

Providing solutions on filter design in a wide range of application areas, like communication, radar, industry, army and commerce. This covering Low to High Power, Low MHz to High GHz Range and miniaturization.

Connection to the internet by RF is becoming a more or less a standard approach. Our phones, ipads, laptops, heating, lighting, all are using a more or less sophisticated connection to the internet.

The MPG group has been publishing an article in the Microwave Journal, highlighting the trends and new market driven Filter advances, seen in the industry.

In case you are looking for a solution in the RF space, Heynen and MPG can certainly help you in finding the right system, module part and, if needed, customized to your needs.

You can see some highlights of the article in the next three paragraphs.

Using Statistical Power Analysis for your Digital RF signals

Why Statistical Analysis?

In modern communications, signal average power, although important is no longer a sufficient control variable. These communication signals often require more diagnostic measurements. In the statistical mode, the power sensor measures the precentage of time the signal exsists at a specific peak-to-average ratio. In the time domain mode, the sensor adds a variety of functions similar to an oscilloscope to our standard suite of measurements.

Bird’s Next Generation Portable Cable and Antenna analyser

Smaller Lighter Better

As the successor to Bird's popular Site Analyzer SA-3600 XT, the new instrument is 80% smaller, 60% lighter, and offers many new features as well

Low profile braking resistor, optimized design for high energy to heat conversion

When designing a motor controller, which has to be as compact as possible, every engineers challenge is to deal with the heat dissipation which is being generated when braking the motor. Using the BRK-series of Isabellenhütte as a braking chopper, you're able to resist high energy loads. It's ideal for use on Inverters, EV pre-charging & current limiting applications.

ASM01, a single SMD connector or miniature board-to-board connector

Ever had the experience of designing a miniature electronic application with more than one PCB? For example a LED light? Then you must have had a challenge in connecting these PCBs in this compact casing to another! And... are you happy with the chosen board-to-board connection?

METZ-Connect C6A RJ45 with variable cable entry - Robust, High-Performance and Reliable

Imagine that you're able to apply high-performance and reliable RJ45 connections, whether in structured building cabling, in computer centers of up to 10 GBit or in industry! The problem of restricted space available for the cable outlet has been eliminated by its variable cable entry.

Kaschke Common Mode Chokes, more power in less space

You're designing a high power application and have some problems with the EMC. You're trying to block the higher-frequency AC while allowing the lower frequency to pass by applying a choke. However there is to less space in the application for this solution.

The Kaschke common mode filter chokes are designed to meet the EMC regulations even in difficult environments!

Mentor - We realize your lighting ideas

Am i having the best quality of light or am i using the best solution for this project? That are questions that designers and development engineers have to ask themselves everyday for their design-in projects.

Ideal precision shunt for extreme conditions

When you're working on the design of a power application for extreme temperature conditions and you'd like to measure voltage or current, you might run into limitations. When the internal temperature of your application is rising, the constant load capacity of your shunt decreases and the long-term stability is put to the test.

A sensor with high-precision, redundant current measurement for consistently efficient energy control.

You're looking for a redundant current measurement system for batteries in alternative drive concepts. It should enable you a safer measurement even in the event when one channel drops out. You prefer a single and reliable user-friendly application and that's what the ICB-M offers you today.

Wide range power measurement with PC interface

Are your service engineeres tired of carrying around all the equipment needed for field power measurements ??  The Wideband Power Solution of Bird allows them to use a standard PC with the supplied VPM2 software of Bird to execute all field Power measurements needed. Connecting the Wideband Power model to the USB interface and you are ready to go !!!!

Atex Optocouplers

Are you looking for a-save way for galvanic seperations between input and output circuits?

Standex Meder offers you a possible solution by using Atex Optocouplers for intrinsically citcuits. These optocoupler series are tested and certified for extreme/harsh environments such as potentially explosive atmospheres so they will not become an ignition point when subjected to short circuitsor adjacement component failures.



Ultra miniature Reed Relay allow closely stacked matrices

At nearly half the size of the standard MS series, the new UMS Relay Series from MEDER measures only 9.5 x 3.6 x 6.85mm. Though nearly 50% smaller, the UMS relays offer the same electrical characteristics as its larger SIL relay equivalent.

XY-receiving and Z-transponder coil for comfort and safety applications: Highest sensitivity and Q

When developing for example a keyless entry, immobilizer or TPMS-systems you're looking for a highly sensitive RFID transponder coil which fulfils the strongest quality requirements.

Reed switch with a high quality solution for a wide range of applications!

High quality for a wide range reed switch:

Standex-Meder Electronics announces the GR400 Series miniature reed switch. This 10mm reed switch provides a low-cost solution for a wide range of applications, including counting, end limit detection, low power devices, movement or position detection, and presence, proximity, rotation, or speed sensing. These applications span many industries: aerospace, automotive, HVAC, test and measurement, security, and more.

Mentor ultra flat pushbutton caps

MENTOR to present new ultra flat pushbutton caps for illuminated membrane keypads

MENTOR will be presenting new illuminated pushbutton caps with the extremely small installation heights of 3.6 mm and 5.2 mm for use with snap domes and miniature short stroke pushbutton switches in flat input systems. Requiring only the minimum of space, these new pushbutton caps are ideal for robust custom membrane keypad designs presenting touch areas with full homogenous surface illumination.

Mentor 7-segment display

MENTOR applies for patent for 7-segment display with infinitely variable height

7-segment displays are classic indicating elements that interact in combination with man-machine interfaces such as keyboards, for example. These new 7-segment displays from MENTOR compensate mechanical height differences to printed circuit boards during SMD assembly with their variable height. MENTOR will be presenting this novelty for the first time at electronica 2012 in Munich.

Mentor M-Tube

The M-TUBE is an LED light system designed as a construction set: The flexible light guide can be combined with LEDs in different colors and intensities. In this way it is possible to realize soft ambience illumination as well as illumination and lighting with strong brightness.

Weinschel Sub-systems

Aeroflex / Weinschel supplies your design team with smart solutions to challenging test, simulation and RF distribution requirements by offering subsystem products that are either off-the-shelf or designed to your specifications.

Solutions are available within a large variety of application areas like telecommunications, radar and CNI, satellite and groundcommunication systems, base station and mobile unit software conformance verification, signal analysis, cable modem and VoIP testing, production test systems and precision microwave related test instruments.

Create your custom microwave filter online

K&L Microwave's Filter Wizard® software simplifies the selection of the right filter product for your application from a vast number of available designs. Provide the Filter Wizard with your desired specifications, and the software will return a list of products that match. If the Filter Wizard selection algorithm cannot match the criteria specified, you will be forwarded to our quote request page.

How to specify a customized Filter design

As an electronics design engineer working with RF signals, it is not the easiest part to select the proper filter characteristics. Communicating all the required parameters for a matching filter design and quotation is always a challenge. BSC filters helps you by providing a web-interface for several types of filters to assist you with providing complete and correct infomation to BSC so that BSC can make an initial proposal for the requested part. This can be an already existing part or a part which needs to be designed from scratch.

Custom RF Switching Solutions

Do you need a high reliable switching solution for your communication channels? Is the performance of your test-signals into your ATE environment not in line with your needs? Do you emphasize expanding your switch network capabilities in the future ??

The Heynen and Dow Key teams can help you in resolving these switching problems and requirements whether this is in a Space, ATE, Industrial or Commercial application.

The best in the RF switch industry, Dow-Key's engineering team is dedicated to support you all the way: from custom solutions to RF system integration and post product support. They are specialized in designing and manufacturing switches and complex switching systems. Their experience is priceless. It enables them to provide customized solutions built per custom specifications and to meet all types of signal switching needs; foremost matrix solutions, fiber optics switching and switches for space applications.

Co-Site Interference in Control & Command Communication

Command & Control (C2) platforms require multiple RF communications channels to ensure force coordination over long distances. Quite often these critical communication requirements are not met due to self-generated or cosite interference that severely degrades communication range. To ensure this does not happen to your platform, Pole/Zero® can provide a comprehensive evaluation of your platform’s communication performance level, enabling peak operation even in the most dense electromagnetic environments.

Our mission is to assist RF communcations integrators in fielding first time successes.

Miniaturization of HV applications: a solution for every Power Electronics Engineer

StackiCap™ has been set to revolutionise the world of large, HV(200V – 2kV), X7R Multilayer Chip Capacitors (MLCCs)!

It dramatically increases the max capacitance values within a size/voltage or can reduce chip sizes. They take up 1/10th of the current footprint dimension and save up to 9/10th of the weight of a stacked cap. The advantages are spectacular on any HV products where pcb space is at a premium and max. capacitance is required in a smaller footprint. Typical applications include power supplies, projector modules, lighting systems and throughout the aerospace sector.

The Ethernet-compatible gigabit terminal block

METZ CONNECT has launched a new generation of connection systems. The substantial increase in devices linked via a permanent cable connection, such as network-compatible cameras, WiFi spots, room temperature controllers, house telephones, time capture systems, fire protection, alarm and access control systems, has led to METZ CONNECT developing a future-oriented product innovation which offers an intelligent alternative solution for pluggable RJ45 solutions for wall-mounted devices with a permanent cable connection.

A freely configurable sensor module for current, voltage and temperature

Charge and discharge cycles have an impact on the longevity of lithium ion batteries used in electric vehicles and the ultra-capacitors used for energy storage in photovoltaic systems. For this reason, it is necessary for battery safety and longevity to be able to establish the state of charge (SoC) and the state of function (SoF).

Isabellenhütte achieves record current measurement on shunt basis

30,000 amperes measured, 100,000 amperes next target!

Isabellenhütte Heusler GmbH & Co. KG, Hesse, Germany, has made inroads into the high-current range of industrial applications with shunt current measurement. The measurement of currents of up to 30,000 amperes using low-ohmic shunts can truly be seen as unique. Moreover, the company's next target is 100,000 amperes.

Syfer's Ultra-low ESR capacitors crafted for high frequency and RF power

Designed specifically to meet the ever increasing power demands of RF applications such as telecoms PA systems, Syfer Technology has developed a range of RoHS compliant Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors (MLCC) with ultra-low equivalent series resistance (ESR).

Is reliability and enhanced terminal strength essential in your power application

KOA's WK73-series has a 90° rotated design and offers several advantages compared to standard resistor footprints. A three times higher power rating in case of 0612 vs 1206 size is the most visible. This can save board space and is based on the improved heat dissipation through the solder joints. Much higher terminal strength is related to the bigger soldering area. The lower distance between the terminals, results in less expansion stress to the solder joints. The inner resistive pattern causes less temperature rise. All the above mentioned benefits combined, result in a superior reliability compared to standard flat chip resistors. The lower distance between the terminals, results in less expansion stress to the solder joints. The inner resistive pattern causes less temperature rise. All the above mentioned benefits combined, result in a superior reliability compared to standard flat chip resistors.

SPINNER MNCS® - Mobile Network Combining System

For the multiple use of outdoor antenna systems and for in-house coverage it is necessary to combine signals from mobile communication base stations of several operators and networks in the frequency range from 380 to 2,500 MHz. For these purposes SPINNER offers individual components as well as complete, fully tuned and ready-to use systems called POI (point of interconnection).

A walk on the Planck curve: M-LEDlight tunable white concept from Mentor

Is it important in your application that the color temperature (CCT) of the concept module is continuously adjustable and remains at a consistently high color rendition index (CRI)? By controlling three different LEDs, the CCT is configured along the Planck curve in the area from 2700K to 6500K. This new lighting concept is recently launched by Mentor.

E-Car Isolation measurement

Is development of hybrid cars or E-Cars your working area and are you still struggling to isolate the high voltage levels up to 400V from the typicaly used voltages of 12V/24V and to ensure the passengers are isolated as well. Meder Electronic is able to offer you the perfect solution.

meder high voltage reed relais

Do you need High Voltage/High Current reed relais and do you still use mercury wetted reed relais? Meder can now offer you a very reliable alternative in form of dry-reed technology.


High Voltage SM Capacitors

Is High Voltage in relatively small case sizes a great issue for you?  ProtectiCap™ of Syfer will open a lot of oppertunities. The integral coating of this capacitor series minimizes the risk of flashover from one termination of the chip to the other, without any requirement for the customer to apply conformal coating after soldering.

Ultra-low ESR MLCC capacitors

How to solve your Low Loss performance below 3 GHz?  The Ultra-low ESR range can offer you a very stable, High-Q material system that provides excellent specifications. Available with various termination options including FLEXICAP, this range of high frequency capacitors is suitable for many applications where economical, high performance is required.

We can sense it

If you need to measure temperature and/or viscosity of liquids, Sengenuity can offer you the solution. The technology of acoustic wave sensors is based on the piezo electical principle. The basic material for this is quartz.

High-Current Contacting of Blade-Connectors

You are looking to use a flat blade connector in a high current application? But it is difficult to apply a front face with sufficient contact surface. For this reason many applications use clamps. This solution is not very durable and it has the risk of damaging the surface of the blade connector.

Light guides for stand-alone indicators

How to position signal indicators, standalone LED's, on the circuit board independently of the pushbutton? Single or grouped light guides can now signal e.g. various switch or activation modes or can function as classical ON/OFF or Caps Lock indicators.

Kaschke SMPS Safety Transformers SmarterPower Supply Design

Do you want to outsource your standard or custom made coils and transformers? And you want to do this with a manufacturer with more than 50 years experience, we are gladly to present Kaschke. Kaschke leads the way in the development of standard transformer solutions for SMPS control IC's. All designs meet the necessary safety and performance criteria listed below and are in active production fulfilling many applications.

Jianghai Electrolytic Capacitors

If you need electrolytic capacitors with high Capacitance/Voltage values iwith screw terminations and with high ripple load capability, having compact dimensions, RoHS-Compliant and useful life time to 15,000 hrs at +85 ºC? Jianghai can offer you 3 NEW series.

Bird 7020

Bird’s® new 7020 Power Sensor is an economical plug and play solution to your power measurement needs. The 7020 determines and reports Forward and Reflected True Average Power and VSWR over a wide frequency range of 350 MHz to 4.0 GHz.

Isabellenhütte current and voltage measurement devices for hybrid and electric vehicles

Does Charging and Discharging of Lithium-ion batteries for you pose a great challenge to measure current and voltage?

Isabellenhütte VLx-series

LED technology is becoming an increasingly popular choice for lighting up the headlights of modern cars as well as their displays and cockpits. Why are special resistors necessary to make the diodes work properly?

Jianghai Electrolytic Capacitors

Why should you accept less specifications since Jianghai presents 3 NEW series of Snap-in electrolytic capacitors? These capacitor series have particularly high ripple current capability and two to five terminals, rated voltage up to 500 V and useful life of 14,000 h at +85 ºC. The compact can sizes allow for high capacitance / voltage combinations. Besides, the capacitors offer a high ripple current capability and the products are RoHS-compliant.

IPDiA passive integration

The electronic designs you are creating getting more and more complex. And at the same time footprints needs to be reduced and there are demands on stability that cannot be reached by using traditional passive components.

High current measurement with Isascale

 Do you work with high currents and have a challenge with measuring current, voltage and temperature? The need for accurate measurement of electronic currents is growing and you need a reliable measuring system and the right knowledge to apply this system.

Meder Reed Relais

When you work with heavy farm equipment or other heavy industrial equipment, you know how important it is to assure the safety of the drivers in these vehicles. Sensors used in this industry should be of high quality and be able to withstand heavy use in varying conditions.  
Especially for these heavy industrial applications Meder has developped a robust reed sensor that can withstand many outside influences.