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Elektro-Bau-Elemente (EBE)

Elektro-Bau-Elemente (EBE)

The varied switching programme consists of electronic rotary, code and keylock switches amongst others, characterised by highest precision, reliability and a perfect design. All designs, whether sub-miniature rotary switches with a diameter of 10 mm or rotary switches with 100 positions to 360° or binary and gray-coded switches are produced and checked with utmost care

    Country: Germany
    Website: http:\\www.ebe-gmbh.de

    Supplier's speciality

  • - Rotary switches
  • - Solenoids
  • - Push-pull magnets

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  • EBE's capacitive overload/force/torque sensors

    capaTEC® nano is a capacitive measurement principle to determine load, force and torque. It is suitable for the measurement of minor changes in position or deformations. Think of the following area's of application:

    - classic weighing tasks
    - overload warning for telehandlers and construction machinery
    - overload warning devices for Agricultural machinery
    - force/torque measurements in Industrial/automotive applications

  • EBE's capacitive and inductive level/position/angle sensors.

    With induTEC® and capaTEC® EBE offers two basic technologies for position and angle measurements, ideal for integration into customer systems. Both technologies operate contactless and wear-free. By using special structures on the PCB as sensor elements, a high-precision measuring system is created for price-sensitive applications.