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Thursday, 18 February 2016 14:06

EBE's capacitive overload/force/torque sensors

EBE's capacitive overload/force/torque sensors

capaTEC® nano is a capacitive measurement principle to determine load, force and torque. It is suitable for the measurement of minor changes in position or deformations. Think of the following area's of application:

- classic weighing tasks
- overload warning for telehandlers and construction machinery
- overload warning devices for Agricultural machinery
- force/torque measurements in Industrial/automotive applications

Thanks to its reliability and simple installation, the measuring system is ideal for monitoring stability of machines with loads on telescopic booms. The overload warning device can measures deformation of the rear axle caused by the tilt moment, and warns in real time before critical load is reached. Measured values are transmitted wirelessly to a stationary receiver unit. These deformations are measured with a suitable electrode capaTEC® nano arrangement, and is then converted into torque feedback. This technology provides a better signal resolution compared to the classically used strain gauges, and does not have all the disadvantages such as high temperature drift or poor applicability.

Key benefits:

• contactless
• wear-free
• temperature stability
• ease of application to subject
• extreme resolution (< 0.01 μm)
• distance between the measuring surfaces 0,2 mm
• force/torque/deformation measuring possibilities
• replacement of DMS