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Thursday, 18 February 2016 09:28

EBE's capacitive and inductive level/position/angle sensors.

EBE's capacitive and inductive level/position/angle sensors.

With induTEC® and capaTEC® EBE offers two basic technologies for position and angle measurements, ideal for integration into customer systems. Both technologies operate contactless and wear-free. By using special structures on the PCB as sensor elements, a high-precision measuring system is created for price-sensitive applications.

Characteristics of our sensor systems: virtually unlimited life cycles, extremely robust, outstanding precision and reliability. While the capacitive measuring system provides a slightly higher resolution, the inductive system is particularly suitable for applications in humid environments.
EBE's capaTEC® capacitive level sensors detect transparent, liquid and granular, conducting and non conducting materials without contact. The method used by EBE to determine the capacity is based on correlation measurement technology with the processing of pseudo-random signals. This technology has been proven in the wireless data transmission for decades. The use of this technology in metrological tasks has become a specialists field of EBE GmbH. The achieved system stability of capacitive sensors with this method, sets new standards and allows applications that were not possible before. 

Using innovative technologies, EBE develops, manufactures and supplies indutec® and capaTEC® high performance sensors. 

Your first choice sensors in the following fields of application:

• White Goods (p.e. water tanks)

• Automotive (p.e. tank filling level)

• Medical Engineering

• Food Industry

• Beverage Industry

• Chemical Industry

• Pharmaceutical Industry

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