Network Monitoring and Analysis Solutions

Easy to Use DSL Compatible Telephone Test Set

TM500 Tele-Mate Tempo Greenlee

As a telecom professional who is working with telephone lines on a regular bases you know the value of an easy-to-use telephone test set. Very likely that you have experience with the DSTS 2 test set from Tempo. These aren't available anymore, but is replaced by the TM500, or Tele-Mate®, keeping all the great features of the DSTS 2 and adding some more.

    Troubleshoot telephony networks

  • Able to tackle the complexities of today’s telecom lines, the TM-500 offers the convenience of line powered (no battery needed) operation and useful features like a high impedance monitor that is data and DSL safe, polarity test, speed dial, last number dialed and pulse dialing, making a technician more productive.
  • Tele-Mate Telephone Test Set is for use on DSL enabled lines and will assist technicians in installing, servicing or maintaining line connections. It offers over voltage an over current protection, high impedance monitoring with no disruption to existing traffic, polarity test, and 32 digit last number dialed along with pulse dialing. The Greenlee TM-500T works in handset mode and can be used with the headset for hands-free operation. It has a luminescent keypad and is line powered so no batteries are needed.

  • Main Advantages

    DSL safe
  • Easy to use
  • Handsfree operation
  • No battery needed