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Friday, 08 July 2016 09:07

EAR99 Solutions from DLI no longer ITAR restricted.

EAR99 Solutions from DLI no longer ITAR restricted.

Determining whether an item is subject to ITAR or EAR is critical. Mistakes here can have serious consequences to MIT and to individual shippers. If the item is flagged as "specially designed" on one of the US Munition Lists, it's subject to the ITAR. Even thought it might seem to be an EAR item...the ITAR takes precedence. From now on all EAR99 Solutions from DLI, are no longer ITAR restricted.

Directional Couplers
10 and 20 dB coupling values are available in common footprints for C, X and Ku Bands. Surface mount (chip and wire hybrid also available) devices using DLl's high permittivity dielectrics allows for a smaller size device with temperature stability. Using thin film technology, these devices are highly repeatable and a great solution for high frequency power monitoring.

Power Dividers
Surface mount and wire bondable Wilkinson power dividers offering coverage from 2 to 18 GHz. These devices offer a smaller footprint without compromising performance. Broadband performance with very little excess insertion loss and great isolation. The devices are rated for up to 5 watts of input power handling.

Lowpass Filters
High Frequency, surface mountable lowpass filter solutions covering C, X, Ku and Ka bands. These devices offer small size, temperature stability and lots of rejection over up to three harmonics. Wire bond devices are also available for hybrid packaging needs. Fully shielded to provide excellent repeatability. Iterations of the devices can be accommodated.

Bandpass Filters
A selection of octave and select band filters to provide a COTS solution quickly. These surface mount devices all provide superior repeatability and reproducibility with extreme temperature stability from -55 to +125°C. Components come fully shielded for easy integration in your PWB layout. Iterations of these devices are possible; please contact the factory with your performance needs for more information.

Please contact your Heynen rep. for more (purchasing) information.