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Elektro Automatik

EA’s extensive range of standard power conversion products enables us to provide the optimum solution to a wide range of applications and environments..

    Country: Germany
    Website: http://www.elektroautomatik.de

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  • - Low Cost and Universal Power Supplies
  • - Special - Laboratory Power Supplies
  • - High Performance Power Supplies

Related Solutions

  • Modular DC loads ELR5000M

    The new series EA-ELR 5000 was designed to configure a multi-channel electronic DC load. In a rack for 19” systems, up to ten DC load units with 320 W nominal power each can be installed. The modular units operate separately from each other, but require the rack as it contains the energy recovering DC-AC inverter.

    The modules are also extendable. Parallel connection on the DC inputs of the module is possible.

    The load modules come in two voltage variants, 80 V and 200 V, and incorporate the common regulation modes constant voltage (CV), constant current (CC) and constant power (CP).

    The energy recovery function inverts the supplied DC energy into a synchronous sine current and feeds it back into the local grid. This reduces the usual heat dissipation to a minimum and saves energy costs at the same time. The colour TFT touch  panel offers an intuitive kind of manual operation.

    Equipped with an Ethernet port by default, the load units can be easily integrated into a network of LAN devices. External control is possible via an included Windows software or via custom applications created in LabView or other IDEs. The commonly known communication protocols SCPI and ModBus are supported.


  • ELR 9000: Are you also looking for an Electronic Load with Energy Recovery (Mains Back-Feed)

    Elektro Automatik has a new product where a lot of customers of us were waiting for.

    The 14 new models of series ELR 9000 offer a big variety of electronic load with energy recovery (Mains Back-Feed) feature. Voltage between 0...80V and 0...1500V, as well as currents between 0...22A and 0...510A at power ratings of 0...3500W, 0...7000W or 0...10500W are available.

    The 19" enclosure in only 3U size makes it possible to build high power cabinets of up to 105kW total power or even more, with a minimum of effort.



    The standard integrated energy recovery feature presents some interesting features compared to common DC loads:

    • The supplied DC energy is converted to AC with approx. 95% efficiency and fed back to the local or public grid --> this saves energy costs
    • Extensive cooling or exhaust systems can be omitted, because the heat emission is reduced to a minimum
    • Significantly reduced audible noise
    • Reduced device height




    The modules of series EA-PS 800  19" are available as single, dual or tripple output power supplies.

    By combining the syncronised rectifier and semi-resonant converter principle, an effiency up to 92% is achieved, making them highly efficient and extremely reliable.

  • PS8000/PS9000 series

    Accurate programmable DC voltage, current and power
    There is increasing need for programmable power supplies for laboratories, industrial plants and machinery, who may be remotely controllable. For example, via Ethernet, CAN, GPIB, USB and RS232, so the feeds are multifunctional.

  • Electronic Loads

    Accurate adjustable DC Loads for laboratories and industry
    You are looking for a load that meets the requirements of today's high quality and modern concepts in laboratories and industrial users. You watch multi-purpose and of course at a good price-performance ratio.