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Friday, 08 July 2016 08:44

Dow Key RF & Test Application Electromechanical Matrices

Dow Key RF & Test Application Electromechanical Matrices

Whether you are designing a matrix or planning to purchase one, it is important to understand how every decision makes a difference in the cost of the matrix and impacts RF performance. The more components that go into a matrix, the more the system must compensate for signal loss and other RF parameters that are affected. As a result, integration of RF components in switching systems is a complex, yet highly important matter.

Designed for RF and test applications in the frequency ranges of DC-18GHz, DC-26.5GHz and DC-40GHz, Dow-Key's Matrix product line includes various standard configurations. For more simple switching requirements SPDT, DPDT, SP3T thru SP12T switches can be added to a 1U/2U/3U/4U enclosure allowing the switches to be controlled via software. For more advanced or high density testing, Dow-Key offers Multiplexers up to 1x143 ports and non-blocking bi-directional Crossbar switches with configurations up to 12x12.

These solutions are all packaged in a 19-inch rack-mountable enclosure and are provided with both local and remote control interfaces. A standard enclosure will be equipped on the front panel with either a LCD with Keypad control or a Touchscreen LCD for manual override. On the rear panel, the switches can be controlled remotely through USB, RS-232 and either thru Ethernet over TPC/IP and HTTP-Server (built-in GUI website) or GPIB. LabVIEW drivers are also available upon request.

Dow-Key uses its own line of coaxial switches for these switch matrix solutions; providing low loss and excellent isolation.

Standard Parts Initiative & In Stock Part List

In order to provide our products with the best lead times, pricing and superior performance, Dow‐Key® Microwave continues to offer the Standard Part List Catalog and In-Stock Part List. These catalogs provide access to Dow-Key’s most popular switch selections as well as enhanced product improvements. There are no minimum order quantities with Standard or In-Stock ROHS compliant parts. Dow-Key looks forward to continuing to be Your Switch Solution™.

Click HERE for our standard parts list and go to page 5 for reviewing our "in stock" parts list.

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