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Friday, 08 July 2016 10:06

DLI power dividers for low power applications

DLI power dividers for low power applications

Knowles Capacitors brand, DLI, introduces its new high frequency, temperature stable, surface mountable and wire bondable Wilkinson Power Dividers. These Power Dividers incorporate DLI's low loss high permittivity ceramics and precision thin film fabrication, with integrated resistors, to provide a high performance and repeatable design solution.

The compact size, broad band performance and ease of integration make these power dividers ideal anywhere board space is of a premium and quality signal splitting or combining is required in low power applications.

• Broad Band 2 to 18 GHz Frequency Coverage
• Low Excess Insertion Loss
• High Isolation
• Excellent Phase and Amplitude Balance
• Well matched on All Ports
• No External Resistors Required
• Compact Solder Surface Mount Package

At 0.160" (4.06mm) x 0.185" (4.7mm) they can replace both packaged MMIC based solutions as well as larger dividers integrated into printed wiring boards (PWB) without sacrificing performance. The whole range utilizes the same proprietary ceramic substrates for which DLI's filters have become known for. This high permittivity, yet temperature stable, substrate allows for the design of the power divider without typical parasitic effects associated with MMIC base solutions. The result is broad band 6GHz - 18GHz operation. The return loss and isolation are typically 20dB or better throughout the band of operation while the mid band insertion loss is typically 0.4dB.

They are ideal for applications in which PWB space is of a premium being significantly smaller than what could be internally designed in typical printed wiring boards. As the part is manufactured with traditional thin film processes a greater degree of consistency and repeatability over that of printed wiring board construction is achievable. Moreover as the resistors are integrated internally and located also with 'thin film precision' the amplitude and phase balance are far superior to what can be achieved with traditional surface mount resistors soldered onto a printed wiring board.

Please contact your Heynen rep. for more (purchasing) information.

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