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Friday, 12 July 2013 06:47

Customized Reed Sensors for Automotive Applications

Meder Rees Senors Automotive

Standex-Meder opens the posibilities to use dedicated reed sensors in Automotive LED applicatio in a standard or customized form. Standex-Meder reed switches are robust enough to endure the conditions inside a vehicle. The switching element in Standex-Meder reed switch sensors is hermetically sealed, protecting the sensor from its surroundings. As a result, reed sensors can operate over a wide range of temperatures (-55°C to 155°C) and function in dirty, corrosive under-the-hood environments without any negative effects on their operating characteristics. Lastly, unlike competing types of sensors, reed switch sensors are not EMI/RFI susceptible.

Standex-Meder's products also offer adaptability. Reed switch position sensors can be actuated from several different directions, providing manufacturers with the flexibility to simplify mechanical system design. They can even provide remote sensing at distances greater than 1 inch (25.4mm). This is especially applicable in more complicated areas such as visor and glove box lighting. In addition, during the system design process, the hysteresis (the distance between the point of switch closure and switch open point) can be adjusted 30-95% to fit the application. This is not true of most other types of sensors. With the ever increasing pressure for automobiles to perform better, more sustainably, and with more features, LED lighting powered by Standex-Meder reed switches offers a replacement for incandescent lighting that both simplifies and optimizes system design.