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SteeRed - Connecting wire to board with miniature RF Connectors

SteeRed - Connecting wire to board with miniature RF Connectors

RF connectors are nowadays used in all type of applications. The antenna connections for wireless LAN Antenna's, Antenna connections in your smart phone. But also for the larger antenna connection e.g. in your Notebook, gaming device or access point. SteeRed can provide you with RFGEN1 to RFGEN4 connectors with a possible switching option. As an addition to this technology spring fingers and shield recepatables are available for connection of cans, boxes and plates.

    Mini RF Connectors and Cables

  • Depending on the space you have available, there are min RF switched in sizes from 1"G to 4"G. Not only the connector is available but also the needed test-assembly cables are available with connection to e.g. SMA

  • Spring Fingers and shield Receptables

  • A Wide range of spring fingers are available from SteeRed. Spring fingers neede to make contact to shielding cans, screening covers, etc. There are versions available for pick and place, overstress protection, mechanical stops and more parameters. The fingers are easy to adapt so cusom variants are possible upon request. Shield receptables are available to connect to shielding plates, boxes covers etc.