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Wednesday, 28 September 2016 12:02

Bird Technologies X-Com Mobile Measurement Vehicle

Bird Technologies X-Com Mobile Measurement Vehicle

Bird Technologies X-COM Systems, design and manufactures advanced subsystems and complete end-to-end solutions for broadband RF signal capture, storage, playback, and multi-channel signal generation, as well as software tools for signal analysis and editing, and NTDS subsystems and test equipment. X-Com products are used worldwide in military and commercial systems, ranging from SIGINT, EW, ESM, ECM, communications and radar, to spectrum management and performance verification.

Typical examples of customer specific customization:

- Software applications
- Application-specific FPGA-based firmware for real-time applications
- On-site measurement services
- Signal simulation with an unlimited number of channel

X-COM Systems Mobile Measurement Vehicle

The X-COM Systems MMV can continuously record large segments of the RF spectrum for hours or days, while simultaneously determining the direction of arrival and geo-location of emitters of interest. The RF recording element can continuously capture RF spectrum with essentially 100% probability of intercept for any signals more than a few microseconds in duration. Recording time can be increased by adding more datapacks or reducing BW. A high performance Tektronix Real Time Spectrum Analyzer is used as the receiver front end, which provides exceptional dynamic range and powerful signal analysis tools that can be used concurrently while recording spectrum. X-COM's powerful Spectro-X software, which can operate on files of unlimited size, allows users to visualize captured signals, and to search for signals by carrier characteristics, standard waveforms or that match any user created or captured waveforms. Signal files are stored in a non-proprietary format to facilitate interoperability with virtually any analysis tool. The system can direction find and geo-locate the source of signals of interest and includes, GPS moving map overlay capabilities. The system's DF system can also be networked using low bandwidth data links to work with fixed site spectrum monitoring systems to support Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA) and Power Difference of Arrival (PDOA) techniques. The software can combine AOA, TDOA and PDOA techniques to provide the highest possible quality location determination in the minimum amount of time. Recorded signal can be recreated with very high dynamic range and signal quality, if desired.

The X-COM Mobile Measurement Vehicle provides spectrum managers with a fully integrated powerful turn-key system, that provides both a permanent record of the actual RF signals and environment, and an ability to locate transmission sources. System testers can record the actual RF environment during a system test including intentional and un-intentional emitters for post test analysis and anomaly troubleshooting.

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