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Bird Electronic Corporation

Bird Electronic Corporation

Bird Technologies is a solution provider of radio frequency based products, systems and services that address the needs and applications of wireless OEMs, system providers and end users that are in multiple market segments that include cellular, land mobile radio, broadcast, military and semi-conductor process equipment users.

Bird is famous for its 43 Power meter which is acting in the market space since the 50's. Nowadays Bird is a modern player in the RF market supplying DAS systems and Power monitoring solutions for all market segments, from mobile comms to medical and industry. 

Bird gives you access to product segments like:

  • RF attenuator and loads
  • Duplexers, Tri-plexers, Pre & Post Selectors and combining systems
  • DAS solutions
  • RF Power management & monitoring
  • Spectrum Analyzers, Cable and Antenna Testers
  • Wattmeter & Line sections
  • Power Measurement

Bird is the Power solution company which can help you in monitoring the performance of your system and now specialized in DAS through the acquisition of DeltaNode.