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Audio Precision delivers Dolby MS11 testing

Audio Precision delivers Dolby MS11 testing

You test your implementation of Dolby® MS11 Multistream Decoder?

Audio Precision provides automatic testing with Dolby test suite.


    Audio Precision test Dolby MS11

  • Dolby® MS11 Multistream Decoder The Dolby® MS11 Multistream Decoder provides television and set-top box manufacturers with a single-package technology solution for decoding all premium audio formats, including Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Digital, HE AAC with Dolby metadata, and all HE AAC/AAC bitstreams. It ensures optimal compatibility with the worldwide installed base of home theater systems and with future broadcast audio standards.

  • APx

  • A product that includes MS11 can offer: • Surround-compatible downmixed PCM output to stereo speakers (for example, for a television). The ability to feed a Dolby Digital stream to a downstream decoder. • Multichannel PCM output directly or virtualized. • Support for audio description (AD) service, presented in receiver-mix style. AD provides an additional commentary (for example, as a service for visually impaired people). • Playback of music from a local or remote file system (for example, from a USB flash drive or over a TCP/IP connection). • Encoding of a Dolby Digital stream from two-channel PCM that has been decoded by an additional decoder included in the product • (for example, an MPEG-1 Layer II decoder). • Integration of Dolby Volume 258 to provide a consistent output audio level across all inputs. Audio Precision Dolby test suite is build to test audio Dolby MS11 in: • Set-top boxes • Television sets • Devices that stream content over a TCP/IP connection as:  Roku  Amazon Fire TV  Apple TV  Google Chromecast  Video Game Consoles  BlueRayPlayers  Smart TVs

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    Testing semiconductor audio devices with a SoundWire interface using an Audio Precision APx audio analyzer is conceptually straightforward; the test strategy and implementation is no different than with any other IC device.

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    Quantifying the Intelligibility of Speech

    Developed as a method for quantifying the intelligibility of speech with respect to a transmission medium—for example a room, an intercom system, a radio link—STI is an objective measure that provides a single rating between 0 and 1 that predicts the likelihood of syllables, words and sentences being comprehended within the intended medium. The rating is broken down into qualification bands ranging from “bad” (0 to 0.36), to “excellent” (0.75 to 1.0).

  • Lip-Sync The time alignment of the audio relative to the video

    I think you know the problems when audio and video are not in sync, what to do?

    We can give you the figure when you are out of sync to get it back easy.

    In both professional and consumer television and A/V systems, divergent audio and video signal paths and the delay inherent in digital processing provide many opportunities for the program sound and picture to fall out of synchronization

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  • What is new in APx software 4-4

    The latest release of APx500 audio measurement software, version 4.4, is available for download at

    The release includes minor feature improvements, including regulation enhancements and the option to maintain Bluetooth® connection even when Bluetooth is not selected as output or input.

    APx500 Measurement Software
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    APx500 v3.0 now supports a PESQ (Perceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality) option for use with APx audio analyzers. Obtain MOS results directly in APx projects,

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    Pulse Density Modulation (PDM) is a one-bit, high rate data stream that conveys a signal by modulating the density of the pulses. A typical application for PDM is the Micro-Electrical-Mechanical System (MEMS) microphone found on smartphones.

    The APx PDM option provides direct connectivity for audio devices that have a PDM output (such as a MEMS microphone) or input (such as the decimator on a smartphone chip). In addition to all the standard audio measurements, APx provides variable DC voltage, variable sample rate, and a PSR (power supply rejection) measurement to test the device’s full operating parameters. No other analyzer combines direct PDM connectivity with APx’s best in class speed, ease-of-use, and performance.