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Atex Optocouplers

Atex Optocouplers

Are you looking for a-save way for galvanic seperations between input and output circuits?

Standex Meder offers you a possible solution by using Atex Optocouplers for intrinsically citcuits. These optocoupler series are tested and certified for extreme/harsh environments such as potentially explosive atmospheres so they will not become an ignition point when subjected to short circuitsor adjacement component failures.




Main features are:

  • Analog & digital signal transfer is possible
  • Isolation resistance between input & output
  • Minor output delay times comapred to relays
  • Long life due to non abrasive mechanical wear
  • Isolation resistance between input & output up to 10e+13Ohm
  • Mechanic fields do not impact operation
  • Resistant against voltage drop


  • Control Technology/Network Engineering
  • Test & Measurement
  • Automation Technology
  • Speed Indication
  • Postion Detection
  • Medical ESD Protection