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Thursday, 24 November 2016 09:47

Antonics Multi-Communication Train and Vehicle Antennas

Antonics Multi-Communication Train and Vehicle Antennas

The Antonics-ICP OmPlecs external train and vehicular (MIMO) antennas, combine extremely low profile antenna installation height, with the highest technological demands on the antenna performance characteristics. Due to their extremely flat design with heights of 40mm/60mm/80mm, the EN50155 certified antennas allow for the mutual use of different communication systems via a single antenna.

Available options include 2m-Band, 70cm-Band/trunked radio/TETRA/UIC, GSM-R, GSM 1800, UMTS, LTE, Wi-Fi 2.4, Wi-Fi 5.8 as well as GPS/GLONASS. Due to selective coupling of the respective frequency ranges with high quality N and TNC connectors, there is no costly splitter needed, as with many other broadband antennas. Via selective coupling, efficiency of the individual bands is significantly improved, compared to conventional multiband broadband concepts (only one connection). 

On the bottom the page you will find example datasheets of external bus (vehicle) and train antennas.
Both versions are (among) the most comprehensive types available today.

Antonics and Heynen kindly support application specific solutions with tailored antenna simulation and consulting.

Please contact your Heynen rep. for more (purchasing) information.