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Wednesday, 12 April 2017 08:24

A step forward in measuring temperatures

A step forward in measuring temperatures

The temperature sensor SMT172 has been introduced successfully to the market and is really a stepforward in measuring temperatures. Not only the accuracy of 0.1 °C but also the resolution is better than 0.1 mK. The output is , as expected from Smartec, fully digital. These features and the low power makes the sensor suitable for all kind of “lab on a chip” applications and bioreactors.

The SMT172 is a three terminal integrated temperature sensor with a duty-cycle output. Two of the terminals are used for the power supply (2.7 -5.5 Volts) and the third terminal carries the output signal.
A duty cycle modulated output is used so that the output can be read by a microprocessor, while the  analogue information is still available.

The sensors are available in a number of encapsulations: TO18, TO92, TO220, SOIC-8L, SOT223, HEC and in a 7 mm ss. probe with 5 mtr cable. The SMT172 can be supplied as a naked die as well.

For quick design-in, a lot of applications are available on the web and for those who want plug and play, Smartec has designed a Smart Temperature Acquisition System for 4 or 8 Smartec temperature sensors. It has been designed to get the best possible temperature measurement results with the SMT172 temperature sensors (absolute accuracy 0.1 °C, noise <0.0001 °C), at low cost. Smartec offers an application to connect the board to an Excel application. In this way, a low budget, high accuracy measurement system can be built.

The SMT172 has an overall accuracy of 0.1 °C in the range from -20 °C to +60 °C and an accuracy of 0.4 °C from -45 °C to +130 °C. This makes the sensor especially interesting in all applications where human conditions (climate control, food processing etc.) are to be controlled.

The CMOS output of the sensor can drive cable lengths up to 20 meters. This makes the SMT172 very useful in remote sensing and control applications.