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3 generations

Heynen is a family business. Since its founding in 1951, three Heijnen's have stood at the helm.frspacernl

But besides the involvement of the Heijnen family it is mainly the corporate culture that makes Heynen a real family business.

We like to introduce them to you below.

What's up with this Heijnen and Heynen?

At establishing Heynen in 1951, the company had to be registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. In those days you had to pay separately for each letter of the company name. So even in those days Heynen was already keen on keeping costs to a minimum! *



Leon Heijnen is the founder of Heynen. He was born in Nijmegen in 1919 and had a brother and a sister. Leon’s family was in the textile business - a profession that did no appeal to him at all. Technology attracted him much more. After some arguments he went to study electronics against his parents’ will.

In 1951, Leon worked at an engineering company in Venlo when he decided that he would rather hold full responsibility for his projects. Soon it was customary for Leon not to sit down at the drawing board to solve a technical challenge, but he consulted others how they had handled similar issues. Often finding solutions in the shape of a device which he then sold to his client. Next step was to look and find other companies facing the same challenges in order to sell them the same device.


Rudi (Rolf) is the youngest son of Leon and Martha Heijnen. Born in 1946 in Stuttgart, where his father was employed at the time to help set up the communication on an airfield. He grew up in Gennep where Heynen long held office in the private residence of the family. He came in contact with the international business and modern technology at a young age.

Rudi went to study electrical engineering in Eindhoven. Soon he opted for an evening course and combined this with a daytime job at Philips where he contributed to the development of toroidal memories.

His motto at Heynen is "The only constant is change" - the continued search for new technologies and trends is essential for continuity.

Today Rudi lives with his wife Diana on Vancouver Island in Canada.


The youngest son of Rudi and Diana Heijnen, Lennart, who has an older brother, Vincent, is the third generation Heijnen at Heynen. He was born in 1977 in Nieuw Bergen and he grew up in Boxmeer. Like his father and grandfather Lennart has a great interest in electrical engineering. He studied this at the Technical College in Eindhoven and after completion of that study he attended a part-time study business administration (MBA) at Tias Business School.

Lennart’s involvement at Heynen started in 2003. First as a sales engineer at the Belgian Heynen branch in Houthalen and later from the Netherlands where he is now the CEO of the company.

Lennart is married to Nienke and is the father of Tim.

* This story of paying per letter is obviously not really true. The official name of Heynen is actually Heijnen B.V. – so with dots on the i and j. But in the company logo and the digital domain we use the Ypsilon. Reason for this is that the combination e-i-j is not well known abroad, especially not in English-speaking countries where Heynen has many business partners. So the Ypsilon is used to avoid confusion and mistakes.

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Three generations
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