Power Conversie & KMT Solutions


19" Plug-in DC Power Supply

The modules of series EA-PS 800  19" are available as single, dual or tripple output power supplies.

By combining the syncronised rectifier and semi-resonant converter principle, an effiency up to 92% is achieved, making them highly efficient and extremely reliable.


  • A selection of output voltages between 3.5V, 5V, 12-15V and 24V at power levels of 80W, 150W and 240W are available. All outputs Main and Auxillary, are provided with a static current limit and a power limit circuit and are stabilised independently, making them truly ZERO-LOAD compatible, fully short circuit and overload-proof. All output voltages can be trimmed within a specific range by potentiometers located in the front panel, and are visualised via LEDs. The integrated OVP protects the equipment from DC overvoltage damage.